July 10, 2008

  • Vacation Bible Cool

    This year at our Vacation Bible School, I’m working with the junior high girls and am enjoying getting to know them better. We usually have 8-10 girls. Some of them I already knew from our weekly KidZone ministry, but some are new. Some know a lot about the Bible; some know nothing. One girl asked who God was, and once we started talking about salvation, I heard her say under her breath, “I’m afraid to die.” The remark softened my heart toward her.

    You can see K sitting on the carpet with the little kids during the opening skit. There is a picture of our junior high girl Bible study and a few pix of Shayla (she is a quiet artist), Mimi (from Nigeria who knows her Bible very well!), and Dezhane (who I am just getting to know).

    Ben (making the funny face) is one of the mission team members who works with the kids in the neighborhood everyday. He is from Indiana and says his parents still don’t know that he shaved his head (along with the other mission team guys). LOL

    Our goals are to maintain long-term relationships with these kids, earn the opportunities to share more with them more about who they are in Christ, meet some felt needs (e.g., we try to feed them healthy meals, and they eat them all!), and show Christ’s love to their families, too. Pray for us if you think of it.

    ||||||  lynard

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