November 6, 2007

  • Free Music

    Right now HERE, you can name your price for a Paste magazine subscription. As long as you offer them more than a dollar, they will send you a subscription!

    The reason I LOVE Paste is that I get a CD of indie music with every issue! At 11 issues, that is a lot of music. They cover a lot of Christian artists without guile, and for the most part the magazine is family friendly (unlike some music rags).

    The offer only lasts another week, so if you are interested, get a move on it.

    |||||| lynard

Comments (10)

  • Thanks! I subscribed.

  • Ack, the subscription page isn’t currently working. I already get a free Paste e-zine newsletter thing, but had missed this offer. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll keep tryin’.  :)

  • Ah, now you ruined my Christmas presents for everyone!!!

  • Is this page working for anyone? I can get to the Paste page, but clicking on the link to pay your own price still isn’t working. Wahhh…. :(

  • What trouble are you having with the site? I can get to the Pay What You Want page, but I don’t want to click “Add This Subscription” because I already got 3, me and two friends. (I got L the full price so that his name will be in the next issue!) Sounds like it worked for A37icia…and Jared O ( Try a different browzzer??|||||| lynard

  • I am having the trouble I described above: I get to the main page, but the clickable ad on the right side for the Pay What You Want page takes me to a “Page Not Found” error. I would be really shocked if it didn’t work on I.E. Fairly industry-standard, eh? I’m not up for installing another browser just to get to one site. I doubt it’s an I.E. thing.

  • Hey, do me a favor: If you click on the Pay What You Want page, can you email me the actual URL from the bar along the top? I haven’t a clue if going there directly will help, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Well, I downloaded Firefox and tried your link, and somehow it worked. I haven’t a clue why I.E. wouldn’t work, except that I use the latest version that most people haven’t upgraded to yet. Still, I’ve never had a page not open because I was using I.E. Odd. Anyway, thanks for the link. I got a sub for me and one as a gift for my firstborn (which he doesn’t know about yet). :)

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