March 27, 2009

  • Messy Pie

    Why is it that I always make a mess when I am trying to do something important? This pie was for the dessert auction at church to raise money to send kids to camp.

    I merely tapped the oreo crust a bit to get some white crumbs off the top and BOOM it busted into pieces all over my kitchen counter.

    My mother taught me to serve my mistakes, so I shoved the oreos back there the best I could and stuck the cheesecake mixture and blueberries and syrup on top. It won’t stick together when served, but it should taste yummy.

    Thankfully, this wasn’t the only pie I sent to the auction. I managed to keep the crust of the chocolate chip cheesecake intact. Yay, Lynard!

    ||||||  lynard

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  • Oh man!Yes, it will still taste very good :) . I’d love a piece.

  • I loved hearing about your mother. I remember she taught my 4th grade class one day and told us that Jello would make your fingernails strong. She also told me that I should be in plays because I liked to be dramatic. I never got up the nerve, but I worked behind the scenes and always remembered the encouragement.

  • @babylover97 - 

    My mom still brings a lot of fun to those around her—every once in a while organizing a talent night or a little “show” for the RP Home. She would be thrilled to hear that you worked behind the scenes. She has had to enjoy my brother and kids being on stage, because I’m better with speeches than with acting. This has always disappointed her.

    LOL about the Jello. I remember her adding extra unflavored gelatin to stuff, including flavored JELLO—so that we would get extra protein for our fingernails. Later, we found that there wasn’t that much protein in gelatin. HAHA!

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