February 1, 2008

  • Three Things I’ve Learned about Coupons

    People have been asking me about my coupon shopping. I have had less brain space for it now that my WriteAtHome.com students are back in full force for the 2nd semester, but it is still happening.

    As a report of my strategies and results, here is a targeted shop that I did at CVS today:

    I bought stuff that was on sale AND that would either work with a coupon or qualify for Extra Care Bucks back (virtual money that you can spend on your next shop). The items in my cart included multiples of Puffs Plus tissues, assorted liters and a case of Pepsi (especially for band practice), Lipton tea bags, Skippy peanut butters, jars of Ragu,  Lays chips,  3 32-oz Gatorades (for basketball practice), a personal item or two, Arm&Hammer toothpastes, and 2 packages of Garnier-Nutrisse facial cleansers (a splurge).

    Besides my manufacturer’s coupons, I had $5 in Extra Care Bucks from my last shop and a $10 off a $50 CVS purchase coupon (from the couponmom.com website.)

    From what I can figure, my bill should have been over $70, but, with sales, coupons, and discounts, I rang up at $32.22. Then, the register printed out $14.29 in Extra Care Bucks, which I can spend like cash on anything I want when I go to CVS next.

    So, that means that for $32, I bought $70 worth of groceries plus $14 in virtual cash. That’s good, eh?

    Most of it is stuff that I need; all of it is stuff that I’ll use, and a better quality than when I do my discount Aldi grocery shops.

    Three things I’ve learned about coupons that I did not know before:

    1 ** If you buy two Sunday newspapers with the coupon inserts, then you will have two coupons for any store’s buy-one-get-one-free offer. Yes, you can use the second coupon on the FREE item!

    2 **You can combine in-ad coupons (from Walgreen’s, for instance) with manufacturer’s coupons on one item. I thought this was a no-no for the last 45 years. Surprise.

    3 ** Rite Aid now has online rebates. No circling or even claiming certain offers. You enter the transaction number from your receipt and it automatically knows how much money you should get back. This saves SO much time (and a stamp).

    ||||||  lynard

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  • Here’s a question for you: Were the original prices on those items more than what I’d pay at my local Wal-Mart? Before coupons, all things being equal, Wal-Mart still is hands-down cheaper than anyone else on everything. I just add manufacturer’s coupons there instead of hitting multiple stores (which I detest doing). Just curious….

  • Great deal! The CVS in my area allows customers to “stack” coupons where you can use a $4 off $20, $3 off $15, and a $2 off $10 in one transaction if my total purchase started over $20. Some stores don’t allow that though. I always do store coupons before manufacturer coupons, and apply your ECBs last.

    Make sure they scan the card first or else sometimes ECBs don’t get credited to your account.

    As for Walmart, the ECB deals, plus manu. coupons plus store coupons makes it a better deal for me than Walmart.

  • Wow, stacking coupons. Thanks, A37licia, I’ll try that. I’ve also heard that the order of the application of the coupons is important, but particular to the store. I wish you could ring it up the one way at CVS and see how it works, and then do it over the other way and compare slips. Ha.

    With all the bells and whistles, it is cheaper than Wal-Mart with coupons and Aldi without. For instance, the Skippy peanut butter and Ragu were 2 for $3 this week, so when you start applying coupons and getting your ECB, we are talking pennies. You can’t do that a Wal-Mart. But CVS is not going to provide all of your grocery needs.

    On occasion, I have been going to Giant Eagle (whose prices are normally outrageous), but only buying things that are on Advantage Card sale and using coupons that double…once again using the two coupons with the B1G1 offers. Then, the grocery total qualifies for the gasolline credit. I think our last fill up was 80 cents off per gallon, so we waited until the tank contained only fumes, maybe saving $14.

    When life is busy I can’t go to too many stores, but I try to hit one that will do us the most good that week.

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  • Fun!! You feel good when you save a little!! Use your savings on something special :)

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