July 13, 2008

  • Studious Boy

    I am glad to have L back home after two weeks at the Theological Foundation for Youth (TFY) program. Unlike most kids who came to Pittsburgh from Seattle, Colorado Springs, Raleigh-Durham, Syracuse, etc., L just motored two miles down the street to the RP Theological Seminary.

    I tried not to embarrass him by popping in, but I did drop off an item or two and just happened to be in his building on a couple occasions. He tried to hide.   

    I stole these pics from his friend’s Facebook. Forgive me, Logan. They show L’s dorm room, the classroom where they listened to up to 6 hours of lecture per day by Seminary profs, a picture of L in the park, and some of the 30 students going across the street (see the back of L’s head…yeh, that’s pretty much what I got to see).

    The cool thing is that L came home wiser and cooler than ever.

    ||||||  lynard

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