July 7, 2008

  • Off and Running

    We had our kick off Carnival for VBS last night. This is Zach who really liked the balloon sculptures.

    One of the mission team members that is staying at our church this summer learned how to do the balloons sculptures in one evening with his laptop for research. What a blessing! The church also rented a cotton candy machine, had free tickets for hot dogs and chips, offered little Carnival games of skills with prizes, and had African drummers in native dress on the lawn.  We also had 11 high school kids from the Theological for Youth program staying at our church building, so they blessed us with their help and energy, too. All in all, dozens of our regular KidZone kids and new contacts came to the Carnival. Some brought parents and grandparents.

    This week we will have VBS every night from 6-7:30. You can pray for me as I help with the junior high girls.

    Last week, I went to a Showbread concert with Levi and a couple of his buddies. The group can be a little screamo for me, but I enjoy their artistry and lyrics. Here is a sample of their lyrics from Sing Me to Sleep:

    Come and find me on this floor 
    I am only a half, truth be told
    Take away all the distance and say:
    "My beloved, I'm here, and now you are whole"
    If I turn and see your eyes in the dark I will know the blue in an instant
    Never have they gone so far
    Never has your face been distant
    My life I will give you like a verse and a ring
    I will be your only one
    And what you ask of me will be yours until all is said and done

    Your heart is a song that I hear Jesus sing
    It comes over oceans to me
    And the notes spell out messages in vibrant streams
    And what's written you show only me

    Phone pic from concert:

    Which reminds me: my beloved and I had our 25th anniversary this past week! I can hardly imagine it has been so long. Life with him has been richer, better, sweeter than I could have understood when I said “yes” so many years ago. I thank God for his kindness to us.

    ||||||  lynard

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  • 25 years. Man, yer old. We’ve only been married for about 9 years — so that makes us considerably younger than you two, right? (That’s how it works, right? RIGHT?)

  • Happy 25th Anniversary! I hope the same will be true for Ryan & me when we get there.

  • Happy 25th!  I remember your wedding.  It was the hottest day in the history of Pittsburgh.  My, it was hot!  Wasn’t that one hot day?  Hot hot hot.  But it was worth it to see you two start your lives together.  May you have many more happy years.

  • Congradualtions!

  • @seashull - 

    Everyone says that about our wedding. No one ever says, “What a lovely day….what a lovely harpsichord…what a sweet reception.” Nope, they just say, “It was the hottest day!” I don’t know why Drew and I didn’t notice…

  • @Austruck1 - 

    Sure, Austruck, you are a spring chickie and Wayne is a young buck.

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