August 24, 2008

  • Neighborhood Clean Up

    Because my youtube movie of Covenant Fellowship’s Neighborhood Clean Up Day didn’t work, I am posting pics instead. There are a few more pics in my album than in this post.Our congregation had a Neighborhood Clean Up last year with the help of our visiting RP Mission team, but since it was the first time, finished only a half dozen properties.

    This year, the mission team got the plywood from the borough early (72 sheets donated!) and measured windows, cut boards and painted them before the work day. In the end, over a dozen properties were done. One encouraging note was that six people from the community–unrelated to the congregation–came out to help. Also, local businesses donated materials and drinks for the workers.

    In addition to boarding up vacant houses, brush was cleared and trash picked up. In the business district a few blocks away, a team pulled weeds in front of the storefronts, and hauled them away in wheel barrows.

    60% of the properties near our church are abandoned. It is sad, but there are still precious families living here, trying to keep their kids safe. My kids live several blocks away and sometimes walk these streets.

    I have pics of people working, but some of the simple before-and-afters of the properties tell the story well. Imagine if you lived here, how much better you might feel. I am so thankful that God’s people care enough to show this kindness to a rough spot.
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  • Wow those are some pretty amazing changes, very noticeable. That’s a lot of hard work too!

  • That is so great! I am so glad CovFell is doing such good work in the neighborhood.

  • i am so impressed! the team did a LOT of work, and it looks great. love how they repainted the sign on the one bldg.
    RYC: you’re so kind! i think as before that blogging will help me out of my small funks. i want to chake it up a bit but love the current look.

  • Looks so much better! Good work CF!

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