August 28, 2008

  • Revenge of the Gestapo

    Every year Trinity Christian School has a retreat for the high school. They have a spiritually minded speaker, junk snacks, late cabin discussions, and games. Sometime during the retreat they play a game called Gestapo. To my understanding, the teachers that have the privilege of chaperoning are in control of the game and the clues to where people are hidden. And, I think, they play in the dark, so it is kinda spooky.

    This is my son’s video to promote the high school retreat, especially the Gestapo game, but it doesn’t really show how the real game is played. The video is all about hype. It was shown in high school assembly and got lots of laughs. Take two and a half minutes and enjoy. (What I want to know is how he gets teachers to do this stuff!! He filmed this before school even started by calling teachers at home and asking them to participate.)

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  • wee smas are the wee hours of the morning, known to Brits (and those who are addicted to British lit) as “ack emma”. technically past midnight and before 10 o clock, but usually between 1-5 am is meant.

    glad you asked!

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