July 30, 2008

  • Posies and Posing

    A dear friend sent me these posies this week. She shouldn’t have, but she did, and I am enjoying them!

    When I set my laptop on my kitchen counter today (yes, a googled recipe), it hit my newer flip phone and turned on the camera. I had no idea the camera would work when the phone was closed. Serendipitous discoveries are so satisfying. Of course I had to test it out….Testing, testing, testing. Ah, lovely shot, eh?

    ||||||  lynard

Comments (5)

  • We got wonderful flowers too!! It was so sweet of her.

  • What a nice gift! I got irises this week, too–for my birthday from Daniel.

  • It’s Drew-cam! But not the typical adoring look I get from you. lol

  • I bet your kids love seeing that look. It’s such a “Mom” look, isn’t it?  :)   “Did you clean your room??”

  • @SecondhandMuse - 

    Drew-cam! That is a funny thought. So my face always look thinner from up there? That’s why I had to marry a tall guy.

    @Austruck1 - 

    Yeh, I think it is what my husband’s family calls the “hairy eyeball”–not to be confused with “the claw” (mom’s hand reaching into the back seat in search of justice!).
    |||||| lynard

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