August 2, 2008

  • Ramblin’ Rambler

    My father worked for American Motors Cars when I was born. That means we drove around in a Nash, a Rambler, a Matador, and an Ambassador. When I took my driver’s test, I borrowed a family friend’s blue Gremlin with a white stripe, and when I got married, I drove away in a aqua Pacer. The demise of AMC was no big deal to some, but to me, it was the end of an era.

    I found this picture of a model of the Rambler station wagon that we owned, and colorized it (OK, sloppily) to match my memory. Yes, I *was* going for a pearly pink roof. It was plum colored with a pearlized roof. Odd, I know. We drove to Florida from Pennsylvania in this car, stopping only to put mosquito netting on the windows so we could nap with the windows down. The front seat’s back was one piece and folded back, and I had to sleep on that part. I kept rolling into my cousin Terry who was sleeping on the seat under the steering wheel.

    The best thing about station wagons in the 60s and 70s was not sleeping when the car was parked, though. It was sleeping in the cargo area while the car hummed and vibrated over miles of highway. The rhythms would rock me to sleep like a baby.

    I thought of this post when I read seashull’s post about her friends’ cool car ( ) ! Cars are romantic, IMHO. My grandfather, a mechanic of humble means, used to restore antique cars, including Model A’s, but that is another post.

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  • That’s quite a car! I remember sleeping in the back of a station wagon or on the floor of the van while driving on the highway. Traveling would be more pleasant if we could still do that today, but we are obedient and strap everyone in.

  • I have to tell you how big a fan I am of AMC vehicles, people think i’m crazy, but someday I will own myself an AMC Eagle, its my dream car, however ugly people may think it is. My love is split between AMC’s and Internationals(Scouts, Travelalls, pickups). I almost bought myself one instead of my current Chrysler, but I K looked at me like I was crazy, so I decided to go a bit more practical(right now). I can also relate to having a station wagon as a kid, we had one when I was a kid, and I seem to remember sleeping in the back of it on long trips, of course you would have to ask my mom. I can also remember you guys owning a sweet green hatchback chevette! Ahhh I love cars :)

  • My daughter wants an AMC Eagle as her first car. At least she picked one that’s cheap, but probably because it’s harder to find parts now.  :(  

    We always had paneled station wagons when I was a kid, but usually Fords. They were great for the drive-in. Parents would turn down that back seat and put us in our sleeping bags and jammies back there, with the cooler between us (near the front where they could reach it). We’d always be asleep by the end of the first movie, but they’d stay for the whole show.

    My fondest memory is when I was as old as 13, seeing “Blazing Saddles” in the station wagon, my mom up front laughing so hard at the campfire scene that she was crying and could barely breathe.  :)

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    I’m surprised that the AMC Eagle would make an impression on TWO younger adults. I guess I always think of the wagon version. Actually, the sedan is pretty cool. I saw one image on the net of a lime green Eagle that had been souped up with large wheels and more. That car was way cool.

  • @Melkhi - 

    Yeah, we had so much freedom, crawling around without seat belts in the old days. My parents made us wear them in the front seat and, most of the time, in the back seat. However, if you were sleeping, “all belts were off.” We were never hurt by it. But, in third grade, I remember a boy in our school being in a car accident where most of the family was thrown through windows. Everyone was hurt badly. So *sigh* I guess belts and seats and restraints and discomfort are the right way to go.

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    the Sx-4 version, the Fastback, even the Concord is pretty good lookin, and I wouldn’t shy away from the wagon either(it’s like a tank!)Anyway I will own one someday :)

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