January 14, 2009

  • Weird Things Happen to Chonda

    I particularly love the third story of Chonda’s on this clip. She never fails to make me breathe deeply and laugh heartily—must be healthy!!!

    OFF TOPIC:  The urban single mom in my Bible study wants a good definition of “fellowship.” She doesn’t understand what the word means. Do you have a relevant, 21st century definition for someone who is not very familiar with the Bible? I’ll be interested to see what you say.

    OK, here’s the true-life, screaming silliness from Chonda:

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  • Fellowship is bascially talking about how God is working in each other’s lives and spurring each other towards Christ (Heb. 10:23-25 cf. Acts 2:42-43, Acts 20:7, Phm 1:6 et al.).  It can be over a meal or just hanging out.   Fellowship is not talking about the latest sports game, playing sports, our hobbies, sports, or “group therapy”.    The most useful information that I have found on the matter (small groups, bible studies, and fellowship) for the Church in this age is Chapter 2 (“Rediscovering Fellowship”) in the book “Why Small Groups?” by CJ Mahaney (editor) of Sovereign Grace Ministries (a small family of Reformed, Gospel-centered churches).   You can download the chapters of the book for free or purchase the entire book:


  • @TheFlyingIrish - 

    Thanks, FlyingIrish, that is helpful! I especially like the part about “talking about how God is working in each other’s lives.” I think this lady would understand that.

    I don’t think she would understand a word like “spurring” though. Every time that I tried to define “fellowship” for her, I would find myself using “Christianese,” and her face would go blank. I told her that I would ask my friends for better definitions, and I told her to ask her grandmother who is a believer. I did tell her that fellowship was what we were doing at Bible study, sharing what we had as family in Christ. Thanks again!

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  • Wow, I did not realize how long I had been away from my site! I used to communicate with my son, who was in college in Nashville, by means of Xanga. Now, very few of the people who used it, still do. I am glad to be in touch after all these years. I recently saw a Beaver Falls friend, Betsy Carson Wilson at my church. I hadn’t seen her in many years.(I am nervous about my syntax because of your expertise in the world of writing.) I am going to read all your previous posts and maybe I will even be inspired to write one.

  • @babylover97 - 

    Hey, thanks for leaving a note! It has been four years since I saw Betsy—just before her kidney transplant. I would love to see her. Are you on Facebook, btw? My son is going to college in Nashville, too!

    PS—I’m not a writing expert. I just like publishing: design to words. I’ve always been jack of all trades, master of none.

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