October 2, 2008

  • Death Story Reaches Mile Marker

    A few weeks ago, T’s Lecrae video climbed over the 100,000 mark on YouTube. His senior project has affected many viewers—French and American. (It was picked up by a French Christian video site a while back.) The song confronts our mortality and our beliefs about the ultimate meaning of life. Viewers have been thankful and combative. The comments are fun to read, and have engaged T in some interesting conversations on the side.

    Salut, T!

    Incidently, Lecrae’s newest album released yesterday.

    Yep, I embedded the vid here again…Get over it.

    ||||||  lynard

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  • Amazing! Incroyable!

  • @fiftygram - 

    Karen, I had to look up “incroyable.” *duh* I take it you mean the French meaning. The English meaning is not so complimentary. LOL

  • oh no! did not know there was an English meaning.

    @lynardlynard - 

  • @fiftygram - 

    n. 1. A French fop or dandy of the time of the Directory; hence, any fop.
    Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    Funny, huh? Do they pronounce it like the French?

  • actually when i lived in France we used the word to mean “incredible” (unbelievable) =magnifique;
    but we were also under the influence of Asterix, a comic book series which used very funny literal translations of English words and phrases;
    and also we hung out with a couple of lycee kids who used a lot of slang.

    so there’s the long answer explaining that I meant all good stuff…..

  • @fiftygram - 

    I didn’t remember that you lived in France! That is so cool. Yes, I saw the “incredible” meaning in the French dictionary, and knew that is what you meant. Ha. I don’t think it is slang…but you’ll have to talk French ghetto with my son sometime!

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