March 2, 2009

  • This Is Love

    Since November, I have been blessed by a Bible study with women in my community. Right now, we are studying 1 John: the book of love.

    Our goal is to get better at studying the Bible on our own. We are using the ABCD study method: analysis, basic verse, commitment, difficulties.

    I am learning new things and have been strengthened in my faith. God is good.

    Today we had Cindy, Patricia, Autumn, Christine, and baby Ben.

    “This is love: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the payment for our sins.” —1 John 4:10

    ||||||  lynard

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  • That is so wonderful.    I’m not familiar with the ABCD method, but it seems like good method from what those letters represent.   I think one lady had difficulty with “fellowship”, and you and I had a brief e-talk on that.   How is she doing?

  • @TheFlyingIrish - 

    Thanks for asking. She is the lady in the pink. I think she would say that she is getting more confident in her ability to understand scripture. She is smart, and seeing the other women dig in with gusto is helping her get past some of the more unfamiliar words. This week, she said, “How God loved us by giving His son… I don’t think I could do that.” She is a single mom of one son. She wanted to talk a lot about our need to love each other like God loved us. She really challenged me to think past a narrow application of 1 John 4.

  • That looks and sounds like a great group. I miss studying the Bible with other women. I have been busy working with children during the time that most of the studies are offered in my area. I thought my friend was going to get a study going last Fall, but then a mutual friend of ours got sick and died, so I think that derailed the plan. I am going to start praying about a group. The gun story is scary. Do you live near your childhood neighborhood? My memories are sketchy, but I can still picture parts of the area. We drove through several years ago, but my husband and kids were in no mood for wild goose chases, so I was content to see what I saw. We had already been through First Beaver Falls church and parsonage, so I didn’t want to push it.

  • @babylover97 - 

    Yes, I live in the old neighborhood. We bought a house here after we left Cleveland in the late 80s. The congregation isn’t in the same building that you would remember, but about a half mile away. Next time you come through, you must stop! Message me (with the private option) with an email address so I can share some contact info with you! What work do you do with children? Is that First BF parsonage the one with the closet that went from the kitchen to the staircase near the livingroom—or something like that? I remember thinking that was just the coolest!

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