Month: February 2009

  • Gun on the Sidewalk

    This gun is not a toy. Sunday morning, D and I saw a young guy hanging out the passenger window of a careening vehicle, chucking stuff in the bushes of a few hilly front yards. Then, as he popped his body back in the car, a police cruiser appeared and chased them toward the city.

    We stopped to see what was so important to throw out of the vehicle and saw this first. We stood guard over the lovely find until the cops came. I took this cell phone pic from our car.

    Later, during church, it occurred to both of us that we were so concerned about the gun we forgot to tell anyone we had seen the guy make more than one “heave ho” onto the hillside. D called the police again, and by the end of the service, a county homicide detective had arrived to interview us and go to the site. It seems a fairly serious crime had been committed in another part of the city and when the “actors” (as he called them) were fleeing the scene, they weaved their way through our blessed neighborhood. The already retrieved weapon had been visually ID’d by one victim while we were in church. The car and driver had been caught, too, but they were interested to hear that there had been another passenger. He, apparently, wasn’t in the vehicle when the driver was apprehended.

    He called a K-9 unit, and it appears that they found another similar item or so.

    D had considered walking to church that morning. He was leading worship and needed to do some preparation. If he had walked, he either would have been on the sidewalk while the guys were throwing stuff OR they wouldn’t have thrown it OR, if the timing was off, the guns would’ve sat there for some kids to find.

    Instead, some justice was done, and I got to look down the barrel of revolver (laying on cold concrete).

    Yeah, nothing ever happens on my block.

    ||||||  lynard

  • Deere City

    Coming out of McDonald’s drive-through, Drew and I saw it: a parade of John Deeres, dozens and dozens, traversing my urban space via the train tracks above. Surreal, isn’t it? I wish I had had a better camera with me!

    ||||||  lynard

  • Teenagers

    I like having teens. It requires work just like the toddler phase or the grade schoolers phase, but I prefer it. Maybe that is because I am supposed to be here now. I loved my babies. I loved my toddlers even more. But now, I have these people living with me. They are not mine, really,  but yet I feel a special affinity. 

    A while back, I caught this moment of my daughter’s friend getting her hair braided by her and K’s friend, Alex, in our livingroom. Beka has the thickest hair! I don’t remember any guys offering to braid MY hair when I was 16.

    ||||||  lynard