January 24, 2009

  • Stillers, Here We Go, Yinz Guys!

    This pic proves that I was at the Steelers Pep Rally at Heinz Field—along with about 30,000 others! Our family braved the crowds and arrived about an hour and half before the rally. K wore her Polamalu jersey, I wore my Steeler ball cap,  L wore his Super Bowl shirt  from the last win, and Drew wore his black ‘n gold BOUND FOR GLORY t-shirt! And, of course, we swung our Terrible Towel lots.

    My favorite blue-collar band, The Clarks, rocked for an hour, and when the actual rally started, Ben Roethlisberger,  Jeff Reed, and James Harrison, among other players, showed. Ben talked!

    The mayor, who has officially changed his name for this period in time—from Ravenstahl to Steelerstahl, no lie—addressed us, as did County Executive Dan Onorato who was repeatedly booed a lot for his enactment of the alcohol “drink” tax in Allegheny County, even as he was saying “Go Steelers!”

    Pittsburghers have no shame. When they showed clips of the AFC Championship game, a bunch of guys yelled in our section, “Get the woman off the field!” when the female reporter appeared. LOL

    We were thrilled when our Steeler fan buddies showed up near the end—the Henriquezes!

    And then, as with any significant Steel City event, the sky exploded in color, over the city, over the rivers, over the stadium. We love our fireworks!

    That is friend, Jenny Au, to my left. She is wearing the PINK Steeler logo hat!

    The city seems to be adopting the phrase “Sixpack!” for the concept of getting the sixth Super Bowl ring, but I have also heard “Two for the thumb!” L suggested, “One for the nose!” I like that one best.

    ||||||  lynard

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