December 26, 2008

  • Marshmallows and Merriment

    Drew had the bright idea of scoring marshmallow guns for our “little” kids. They shoot mini, fluffy treats across the width of the house faster than a speeding hunting dog. But then the opportunistic dog roots around for the spent ammo.

    Just in case you were wondering, kids 6-foot tall and larger shake the rafters a lot more when they are terrorizing their siblings with toy guns than when they were 3-foot tall…

      By the way, the ammo that comes with the gun is lame. The kids thought the guns were wimpy until D brought home the real marshmallows!

    A welcome precursor to Christmas is K’s birthday. This year she celebrated her 16th with her friend Bekah. I’m not permitted to share all the details, but it had something to do with making guys catch up on their Disney princess movies. Hee-hee.

    ||||||  lynard

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  • I think that Sophie would love to hear all the details of that kind of party!
    Here’s an example of why:

    I hope that your dad and father-in-law are doing okay.

  • yes the provided ammo is pretty crummy. a friend gave us the guns as a wedding present. i’m thinking of passing them on to my brothers since we don’t use them much. after the first week we kept finding stale marshmallows in odd places!

  • @Melkhi - 

    Love that story! You are such a sneaky educator! K and Bekah were appalled at how many of their contemporaries’ Disney educations had stopped short of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

  • Our nephews love their “marshmallow guns” and I think I will put that on my list for next year when shopping for my husband, son and son-in-law, (and perhaps Kate and I should have our own as well.)

    We hope Drew’s dad is doing better.

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