December 13, 2008

  • Free “Photoshop”

    While I have Photoshop at work, I do not always have access at home. That’s OK, because Photoshop can be a little obtuse and slow. The program is layered and sophisticated: five different ways to do the same operation if you can figure the nomenclature.

    Last month, I discovered I can quickly upload my poor-quality cell phone pics and play with them. Most operations take single clicks. I can crop, improve color and contrast, create special frames and effects. I can even write or “stamp” on my photo. Then, I can download it back to my desktop OR upload it automatically to a blog or social network, like Facebook.

    Here is an example of stamping silliness on

    Oh, and it is free and does not require a sign up, unless you use premium features. Cool, huh?
    ||||||  lynard

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