August 11, 2008

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  • I’ve read other proofreader-types speaking of the misplaced “quotation marks” that really are supposed to be acting like italics or bold. That is, all the person is trying to do is emphasize the word, not qualify it.

    Stupid, really. Signs like that aren’t cheap, and I can never figure out why folks who have signs made don’t have a professional set of eyes look at them first. I mean, how much would even a stellar proofreader charge to proofread a sign with three words on it? C’mon….

    As the bumper sticker on my car reads:

    “Always proofread. You may have
    something out.”

  • BTW, love the new site pic, Elton.

  • @Austruck1 - 

    Yep, I think the quotation marks are meant to convey emphasis like italics are supposed to do. The funny thing is that it brings into question the very statement they are trying to make. Is the breakfast really hot or do people just call it that?

    Can you tell my glasses are electric guitars? The pic is rather dark.

  • @Austruck1 - 

    Yes, I love that book. The pictures crack me up. I bought the blue one on commas for my nephews!

    |||||| lynard

  • awesome profile pic, lady!
    “Mysterious Rocker Chic Critiques Signage In Georgia; Mild-Mannered Mrs. Gordon Edits Witness In Penn.”

  • It’s ironically hot.

    Or lukewarm?

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