August 10, 2008

  • Home Again

    We just returned from a five-day road trip. The ultimate goal was a family wedding, which was a huge success. I’ll blog more about that later.

    I think we put about 2,000 miles on the old mini-van. It had 156,000+ miles when we left. Now the odometer says 158,330. We stayed in cool and wild places, ate adventuresome food, and met colorful people.

    Some of my favorite experiences were the signs. There were towns like Ellijay and Dahlonega in Georgia, and streets with the name “Grizzle” in them.

    My family enjoyed taking notice of signs that were odd or incorrect. At one of our hotels, the large banner outside read, FREE “HOT” BREAKFAST. Why “hot” was in quotation marks, we could not discern. The temperature of breakfast was very warm. Perhaps that breakfast offered some culturally popular aspect that we could not understand. It was just biscuits and gravy, sausage and eggs… I may have a picture of that sign to post later.

    Here is another favorite. I cannot tell you the times I would like to have purchased a B-flat sustained seventh chord, but it was NOT in the box…

    Sorry, I took the picture with my meager cell phone. The box reads “Used Guitar Chords” and inside are, well, cords, of various types.

    ||||||  lynard

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  • Love your sites name… Im a huge Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. Im assuming you know the connection.

  • Making fun of punctuation and spelling on signs. Sounds like the kind of thing I would do. Get a life, wouldja?  (snort!)

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